Friday, December 3, 2010

Places to Go, Clothes to See

A few neat websites I've found lately. Maybe you could find some interesting pieces for Christmas gifts, eh? ;] - a really cool site with some really neat edgy stuff. yumm. - ohmygoodness! talk about adoration. thir stockings are amaing and the hair dye is so varied and cool. love this site. - aww! their stuff is sooo cute!! i absolutely love the hats. and the punk rabbit is adorable.

well, i am off to enter some giveaways! goodbye! <3


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Rantness. =]

Heyy! =] Sorry about another gigantic gap to all of my imaginary readers. I'll bet the only hits I have are my own. Oh, well. I'll keep on doing my random thing.

So, regional theater competition is this weekend. I swear I haven't been asleep before 1 in the morning for a month. D= It may not seem bad to you, but it is for me. Oh, and also... Going to a party Sunday. A birthday party... For this homeschooled boy I like. I really can't wait. =D Except I don't have any idea what the crap to get for him.

My school is changing too much. A new rule is being added. We now have to wear our student IDs on lanyards. Seems small, especially to schools who have done this for a long time, but not for us. We are such a small school it hardly makes sense. The teachers know practically all the students. It's just frustrating. And the worst thing is, I know that there is nothing we can do about it. No matter how many students refuse to wear them, they won't make it go away. They'll just hand out a massive amount of detentions. And you know idiots are going to choke each other with them. AS week before we were required to wear them, I had already heard threats of hanging people. It is awful. And not to mention the ghastly, disgusting shade of red the lanyards are. And they say stuff about school pride on them. Um, I don't want any school pride, thank you. You can keep that. And I'm not sure if we can even get our own different ones. I feel like I'm about to explode. I'm sorry, but they are just awful. At least mamma says she's going to get me some good ones for Christmas. =] This nasty red crap would look awful with my clothes if I actually wore it out of my pocket...

Speaking of which, why do people get labeled by what clothes they wear? It doesn't make much sense to me. I wear tons of black, but not completely. And I'm still labeled 'gothic'. And 'emo'. The latter kind of makes me want to beat up whoever calls me it. No, really, I get so mad! But it made me happy- the other day in Geometry, this really interesting girl called my style... "urban grunge chic". =] So amusing. And actually, a bit true. Bahaha...

Woww... I've realized how much I babble about random junk. Maybe these wouldn't be so... Rawr if I did it more often. Thanks so much for checking this out. I appreciate your time and energy, no matter your opinion. Please, be accepting.

Love and peace,


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Book Reviews =]

I've read three books in the last two days. Two on Saturday, one on Sunday. 362 pages, 485 pages, 376 pages. 1223 pages in two days. I read like crazy. Books are like my fuel, like my nicotine. And I get so into them. It's like they drown me... And I love it. An immersion into emotion.

The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks was wonderful. An extremely interesting take on vampirism, full of amusin, delightful voice and a plot that tweaks at what you're supposed to think. An exceptional read, one of the best vampire books I've read in quite a while. Chock full of wit with a bang of mystery and a hint of romance.

City of Bones, the first book in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare was absolutely riveting. The kind of book you simply cannot put down. The characters are superb, the pacing even and thrilling. Not a dull spot in sight. Twists and turns keep the mind reeling. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasies, mysteries, or anything that keeps you guessing! A must-read.

Liar by Justine Larbalestier was a fantastic work of pure art. After reading what must be thousands of books, this one really stands out. Interesting and an unstoppable thought-twisting page-turner. Trying to decipher Micah's mind is like getting caught up in the most impossible logic puzzle that you simply can't stop trying at. THe definition of foreshadowing, littered with pieces that make you rewind and wonder where the truth hangs. An instant favorite, probably of the best novels I've ever read.

Thanks so much for reading! Here's hoping I'll be able to add much more and that somebody will find this interesting. =]


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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Soooo..... =D


How are you? My tea plant is growing well.* Do you know where paprika comes from? I don't. And I kinda wanna know now. D=

And how in the world did knights and whoever get narwhals confused with unicorns? It doesn't make sense. Because, first of all, narwhals swim, in WATER. They don't wlak and gallop and stuff. And secondly, their heads don't really look like a horse or a goat head. I don't think so anyways.

I just finished reading Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R Tolkien for the first time. I loved it! I've never seen the movies, but I want to once I finish reading the books. And also I want to see Glee. I've never watched it and it looks really good.

I got a part in the school play! I'm really excited, obviously. A nice, sweet supporting part. <3 And Eri Kae got a part too! So we get to hang out a bunch more!! <3 <3

I've been really busy lately... =[ I'll be even busier now for a while.... Gotta go! Thanks so much for reading! =D

P.S. If you know where paprika comes from, could you tell me?

*I lied. I don't have a tea plant. >.< I don't even like tea. Sorry for lying. D=

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Registration was okay. Got my schedule, saw Eri Kae. We've got Etymology together later in the year. Put my stuff in my locker and then left. So not very exciting, obviously. Been listening to music almost nonstop since I got home yesterday evening, though. Which makes me content. Very, very content. Actually, it also kindof makes me want to do more. I finished the magazines, got them all pasted in, wrote a while, drew some. Decided that maybe I shouldn't be allowed to draw. >.< However, I almost definitely will keep on with my sad attempts. Which is pretty fun until I look at the finished product. =]

Just hope to heck I can go to Eri Kae's birthday, because Dad finds out today if he has to work Saturday. And I doubt Mom will go that far out of her way (um, backwards quite a ways, actually) before she has to work at 9 in the morning. So I'm hoping Dad doesn't have to work. And I'm frustrated.

I'm frustrated because our Windows Media Player has gone wonky. It'll play and all (if you use the little play and forward and stuff buttons on the keyboard) but it won't show up. I feel kinda like punching the computer screen. But that would probably hurt (my hand, anyway) more than help (absolutely anything). So now I have to play these cds through stupid iTunes. And if I try to get it to search for the track names, it kills the internet connection. Blech. Stupid computer.

Hmm. I thought I might write this last night, but instead I'm writing it just before I post it. *shrug, Oh well, it gets it done. ^.^ I'm currently dividing my time between checking Facebook, writing out my form to join a new roleplay website (wow I am so addicted to these things) and listening to this CD... Which is quite immerse-able. Gonna go. Thanks for reading... Be a good person or stop being a person! =D

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Impatience Is a Virtue =]

Gonna go to registration as soon as Dad gets home. Momma's gotta work, so she can't take us. (Me and my little sister.) Wondering who I'll see and what classes I'll get. I wanna go now!!! -_-

Did some more magazines and pasting this morning. I'm almost done with all the magazines that were built up. Currently looking around on for the first time. I'm liking it pretty well- they've got some neat shoes. I really want to look at their dresses next, and maybe see what the different 'boutiques' are. It's a really nice website, actually. Quite a bit better than many shopping sites I've browsed. And I like that you can make a wishlist, heart things, etc, before you buy anything. The stuff's expensive, but its' fun to look.

Keeping this post shorter- I want to do a different one after registration. I might post it tomorrow morning if I write it tonight... Stupid dial-up internet. >.< Here's hoping I see some friends at registration and don't die of boredom. Because if nobody I know is there when I go, it could happen. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Scatter Brained...

I've been looking through the magazines that have been piling up. Three days now I've been working the pile closer to the floor... Very slowly. I cut things out of them and paste them in this notebook I have, kindof in a design but kindof just because I like them. Pictures, words, stuff like that. I don't really know why I do it, but I do. Just for me. Like most stuff I do. It's to entertain me.

Well, there's a lot of Teen Vogue and some Glamour and Redbook, plent yof Rolling Stone. Stuff like that. Some people don't get why magazine subscriptions are going up even with the internet... But it kindof makes sense. To me, anyways. I mean, magazines are there. You can hold them, and flip through the pages, and throw them across the room when you get mad at them. You can't throw your computer across the room every time you get mad at it. Well, you could, but that would be... Bad for it. I keep getting off topic. This happens a lot, just bear with me. ^.^

So, the magazines. Teen Vogue is strange in a way. People send them stuff all the time about how expensive everyhting in there is, right? And they never change anything. They do a special edition every once in a while with cheaper stuff, but they never change. Their cheaper stuff is still more money than I make in a year! Well, that's not really much, but you get my point. I hope. These itty-bitty models (who they say are all at healthy weights) wearing $2000 pairs of shoes made by a designer I've never heard of. And gosh garnet, teh shoes are ugly. Why? Why would anybody pay money like that for shoes that look like THAT? And yet I keep on reading. Because some of the stuff is interesting, and the hair is cute sometimes. Even though stuff is overdone a lot of times. Can't photo shoots every use a normal-looking girl?

But there are the reason I kept this magazine...... The ultimate pair of skinny jeans. They're distressed and black and...ohmygeesh, I think even the zipper is black. I am going to dieeeee. Naw, nevermind. I just saw the price. Cut out that picture, and on to the next magazine.

I'm done with magazines for now. Talking about them. Writing about them? Wow, I have no idea what I'm talking about. School. Let's go to school. Yeah, sounds good!

Registration is tomorrow. Thank goodness! I was starting to think this summer was going to last forever... And that would suck. Immensely. Because I miss my friends and, y'know I actually really miss school. At least there's SOMETHING to do at school. And I'm taking Animal Science this year! And Theater

, and Intro to 2D Art, Intro to 3D Art, maybe Creative Writing for the second time... This is going to be an amazing year. I can feel it! *dances* Hahaha.....

Hmm. Eri Kae texted me. Her birthday party is gonna be Saturday instead of next Wednesday how I thought. (Man, I am a FAIL.) Now I'm excited! And she's curious because I told her that I got her present wrapped and ready to go... And I'm not giving away a syllable.

Also! Got on for the first time this morning, and... OhmyGEESH! I adore it! First thing I looked up, of course; AFI. And I about died. There were about 5 pages of stuff! EEEEEEEEEEPPPP! *dances again* Looked up a huge list of my favorite bands and a lot of them were there..... I'm gonna need to get me a job next summer. Definitely. Because that stuff kicked butt. Now if Momma will allow me to wear a spiked leather choker.... Heheh.

So, yeah. I think I'm done. Sorry if I wasted your time, but hey, I didn't ask you to read this. I highly doubt it, anyways. ^.^ Good luck in your life, and... Thanks for reading!